African Mango

1The African mango has a long history of medicinal use. Every part of the African mango tree can be utilized. The Mende tribe in Sierra Leone grinds the bark to make a soothing paste for topical pain relief and the stems can be chewed to promote teeth cleaning. The kernels can be ground into flour, or used as a thickening agent in food preparation. This fibrous fruit has shown promising results in clinical studies as a pain reliever, antimicrobial agent, and antioxidant. Recently, the african mango plus fruit has gained attention for its role in maintaining normal glucose levels and helping with weight loss.
Positive Clinical Results

Clinical research studies have indicated that the extracts in African mango helps to block the synthesis of cholesterol by binding to the bile in the digestive system and expelling it from the body, thus, lowering the cholesterol level. The gold standard of clinical research is the double-blind, random study. The duration of one study was 4-10 weeks. The test results showed a significant decrease in the participant’s weight and waist measurements compared to the control group that received a placebo. On going studies continue to provide promising results for the fibrous fruit as a weight loss agent that also provides added benefits.

The recommended dose of African mango is 150 mg. two times per day, 30 minutes before meals. The usual times were before lunch and dinner. As with most things, purchase the purest product that is available to assure quality and optimal results. This natural fruit shows promising results for people who are hoping to find help in the weight loss battle.


Caralluma Actives Review

CARALLUMAA caralluma actives review will demonstrate what people really think about this product and what kind of results have come forth from customers.

What Is It?

For beginners, Caralluma actives is a weight loss product. This product can be purchased in the form of a pill or liquid and it can cost anywhere from fifteen to forty dollars; this depends on where this product is purchased and whether or not the customer has the benefit of a coupon.

The Good

A lot of people have found that Caralluma actives has made them lose a lot of weight. Many individuals realized that after they started to take this supplement they lost their appetite for the foods that were making them heavy.

The loss of an appetite for unhealthy food mixed with a good exercise routine have helped people lose a lot of weight in a quick amount of time and for a small price, too.

The Bad

Everyone is not the same… With that being stated, Caralluma actives has worked for some but for others there was no loss of appetite. This has to do with the immune system of an individual. This also has to do with other medications a person may be taking at the specified time.

Going further, some people have had too much of a loss of appetite and they began throwing up three to four times a day. It is not that they do not want to eat but their body is saying no to the food.